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A successful partnership of life, community, and the city of Torrance.

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Who are the Lobby Ladies?

Fran Arrowsmith, Friends of Madrona Marsh volunteer


Gail Cole, Friends of Madrona Marsh Gift Shop volunteer


Betty Shaw

Betty was a teacher, artist and a person of boundless enthusiasm and energy. She served as fourth president of the Friends of Madrona Marsh, just as the battle to save it from development peaked. Despite threats and a law suit, Betty never wavered in her commitment to save the Madrona Marsh as a natural wild space for future generations

Shirley Turner

Shirley is synonymous with the effort to save and restore the Madrona Marsh. For many years she attended City Council meetings and advocated for preserving the Marsh. She single-handedly wrote and published our first newsletter. Shirley was one of the earliest and strongest proponents of restoration and persuaded many groups to participate. The chain-link fence behind Shirley is a reminder that the effort to save the Marsh goes back many years … to when it was still privately owned and we could only walk the perimeter.

Artist: Marianne Strehler

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