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Summary of Conversations with 2022 Torrance Mayoral Candidates

On June 7, 2022, the City of Torrance will be voting for a new mayor. The two mayoral candidates are Mr. Cliff Numark and Mr. George Chen. The Friends of Madrona Marsh wants to inform our membership about the two candidates' position on issues about nature, our urban environment, and Madrona Marsh that are not usually covered by the regular news outlets.

Each candidate visited the Nature Center at our invitation and was asked the same 3 questions:

Mr. Cliff Numark visited the Nature Center 2-11-22

Mr. Numark stated that the Preserve is a Jewel in the City. He acknowledged the value of partnerships like the Friends have with the City and indicated that this is something cities need. He supports the Marsh sharing budget cuts like everyone else but he is open to alternative and creative funding and financing ideas. He agreed that volunteers could be a source for those ideas. Very supportive of volunteer groups organizing and suggested reading his website.

Mr. Numark did not indicate a definitive opinion for or against coyote killing. He does support education about living with local wildlife.

Mr. George Chen visited the Nature Center 2-18-22

Mr. Chen likes to be simple. He is in favor of having the City live within it means. He is not in favor of a sales tax increase. He supports the Madrona Marsh but says if there are cuts the Marsh will have to share the burden with the rest of the City departments.

He supports year-round trapping and killing of coyotes due to public safety. He is aware that coyotes maintain their family group size when a family member is killed by having more kits. Mr. Chen asterisks this information because they are urban coyotes and he provided a reference for this position. Mr. Chen supports public education about living with wildlife.

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