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Celestron Now a Corporate Member of Friends of Madrona Marsh

The Friends of Madrona Marsh is pleased to announced that local Torrance business, Celestron, is now a corporate member and supporter.

Located in Torrance, Celestron is a maker of telescopes and other fine optics.

Celestron is committed to furthering science education and giving back to the community. "We derive our inspiration from everyone in our community who is dedicated to growing the fields of science and astronomy." Holding these core values makes Celestron a logical and natural fit as a corporate member of Friends of Madrona Marsh, who is dedicated to the education of and preservation of the Torrance vernal marsh.


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About Celestron

In the late 1950s, Tom Johnson, founder of Valor Electronics, built a telescope from scratch to introduce his sons to the wonders of stargazing. What began as a hobby soon grew to be Johnson’s driving passion, and in 1960, he formed an Astro-Optical Division within his company. That department eventually became Celestron.

Prior to Celestron, skilled opticians painstakingly produced high-quality telescopes one by one. Johnson wanted to bring observatory-grade optics to the masses. Using his groundbreaking new technique, Johnson created Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes of unparalleled quality, and brought them to market at a surprisingly low price.

For more than 50 years, Celestron has continued to lead the market, creating dozens of revolutionary new products including telescopes, sport optics, and microscopes.

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