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Dodd Holsapple Interview with TAMA TALKS

As part of ¿WILD? a public art residency program, Dodd Holsapple is interviewed by TAMA TALKS as he reflects on his residency.

Dodd creates visual art examining distinctive composition blended with a maximized color theory set to data driven patterning, mathematics and time executed to uniquely verify environmental awareness. Strong visuals weave through color filled linear constructions with rigid, measured definitions of space related to place that embrace time interlaced with the lush organic movement of nature. Dodd exemplifies a highly developed use of artistic methods and unique compositional balance culminating to amplify today’s contemporary landscapes in crisis. He is deeply focused on creating beautifully engaging visual artwork inspired by numerous environmental themes. Motivated by research related to environmental conditions and scientifically collected data recorded in charts and graphs, he explores climate recognition through art as social response awareness and habitat defender.

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